Affordable but reasonable prices – professional voiceovers‎

Even though I make my living out of doing professional voiceovers‎, I know that the budget often is small for some projects. Just send me a description of your project via my contact page and I will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Since there are a lot of things to consider when you make the prices, I am also happy to speak about the details of your project on the phone or via skype.

Here is some general information about fees of professional voiceovers‎

Calculation basis

Voiceover fees are normaly no hourly rates, they go by the economic value, that the client wants to gain with the recording. This is why for example a TV-Commercial for a well known automobile-brand, which is aired in whole europe, costs a lot more than a Radio-Commercial, which is only aired on a local Radiostation.

So the first question will always be, for what the recording is used. I it used for a TV Commercial, a Radiocommercial, in a Imagemovie or for a Audiobook? Depending on the use there are totally different rules.

Fees for Commercials

If the recording is used in a Commercial, the area in which it is aired is the main calculation basis. Here you can differ between: worldwide, whole europe, GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austira), national, regional and local. A special case is the internet. Here the area of use is normaly based on the language of the production. If it is a german project, the area can be everything from local to GSA. Is the project recorded in English, once can be considered to use it in whole Europe or worldwide. Just contact me for a detailed pricing.

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